Policy Advocacy Legislative Committee

The Policy Advocacy Legislative (PAL) Committee's function is to monitor legislation, take positions on this legislation and lobby decision makers on legislation for paratransit needs.

Work Plan for 2019-21

To find out more information, contact PCC Staff at 650-299-1442 or send e-mail to sanmateo2@gmail.com.

News and Events

Reimagine SamTrans

Download Reimagine SamTrans presentation

Sammi Riley and Mike Levinson speak on PenTV:

PCC members Mike Levinson and Nancy Keegan, present to the South San Francisco City Council:


Past Accomplishments of the PCC

  • Monitored and review performance trends for Redi-Wheels and RediCoast service
  • Helped establish the ADA eligibility consumer friendly process
  • Participated in contractor selection process and provided input on Interactive Voice Responsive (IVR) system
  • Served on SamTrans Bus Review Committee to provide recommendations on bus interior and design
  • Hosted 2007 Regional Conference for Bay Area Paratransit Service
  • Hosted 2017 “Beyond ADA” PCC Regional Conference

Present and Ongoing Activities

  • Serve on the ADA Eligibility and No-Show Appeals panels
  • Speak before SamTrans Monthly Board of Directors meeting
  • Work closely with SamTrans staff on change in late cancel and no-show policy
  • Provide ongoing oversight through participation in the Consumer Corps. This important data is presented to the PCC and SamTrans Board of Directors on a quarterly basis
  • Monitor and collect feedback on the Interactive Voice Response System
  • Educate the public about paratransit services
  • Advocate for high quality paratransit services in San Mateo County

If you would like to read the bylaws of the San Mateo Paratransit Coordinating Council, please click below.

PCC Bylaws

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